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Adam Global Dubai

To serve you best, we have an office in Dubai in addition to 150 offices worldwide….. with the best problem-solving brains in the UAE. A jewel in the crown of Adam Global, Adam Consulting is an award-winning company located in Dubai that has been making the life of business persons easy in the UAE. Achieving a position in the top 50 companies in Dubai is a real feather in our cap. With around 2 decades of experience in serving people in various disciplines of business across the UAE, Adam Consultancy is one of the top business set-up advisory companies in Dubai founded by Dr. Akhtar block by block. Our expertise in financial, tax, visa, licensing, legal and insurance matters ensures that inexperienced entrepreneurs set up a business in Dubai with no sweat. Over the years, we have developed best practices for different types of business niches, whether it’s an LLC, e-commerce, or professional company. We also offer business owners PRO services to secure dependent visas for their loved ones and domestic help. 

Adam Global UK

Our journey to help business persons and their likes from the world over find an expert – anytime, anywhere started in 1998 in London (UK) when an ardent “doctorpreneur” viz. Dr. Tahir Akhtar brought his pipe dream to fruition in the name of Adam Global. A worldwide multidisciplinary network with a presence in 65 countries, 150 offices, and more than 4,500 professionals, Adam Global (AG) is a powerhouse of business solutions. Because we know it takes a village to establish and run a business successfully, we weaved a huge network of qualified and experienced professionals and specialists who are experts in all aspects of the business and at their toes to utilize their years of knowledge and exposure in the field to support aspiring as well as seasoned business persons achieve their goals. Boasting a global reach of more than 4500 professionals serving our clientele from 200 different locations across the globe, AG takes pride in itself for making 1,00,000 clients happy worldwide and for being able to take part in their life’s most significant decisions. We act as a bridge between business people and accredited specialists and professional firms around the globe, so they can get the world-class services they deserve.

Connecting business persons seeking trusted professionals around the globe who can provide information, advice, resources, and professional solutions with a click of a button is something that sprinkles our doughnuts!

Determined to expand the business beyond the UK and to be able to provide effective business solutions worldwide, Dr. Tahir Akhtar, founder chairman of Adam Global, established member firms in various other countries as well. One of them is the Regional Middle-East Head Office located in Dubai, viz. ADAM Global Dubai. Furnishing corporate services and solutions to facilitate clients interested to enter the UAE market, ADAM Global Dubai is a one-stop-shop for solutions to all your business-related problems in the UAE.  

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Welcome! We are happy to see you here, looking for professional help in the UAE regarding your business. Setting up a business overseas and running it efficiently is challenging, but what’s even more challenging is finding the right business advisor who is worth their salt to provide you with what exactly you are looking for. One who can: 

Guide you to streamline workflows, develop smart methods for the proper utilization of resources, and frame strategies to maneuver your business activities for maximum beneficial outcomes.

Help you take the operational and financial management of your business to the next level by planning and executing meaningful strategies.

Prepare budgets, advise on projects & marketing and analyze the potential risks and help you mitigate them.

Assist you to deal with emerging opportunities in the best possible manner and avail yourself of an edge across the market that can significantly affect long-term performance.

All in all, do all the spadework for you so you can enjoy your entrepreneurial journey and focus on more important things to keep moving forward – onward and upward.

Your Vision is Our Mission

Our Approach

Our approach to work is simple and straightforward – we ask only relevant questions and give meaningful answers to the questions of our clients in simple and jargon-free language. We study our clients’ problems up to the hilt from scratch and without delay come up with quick and meaningful solutions after rigorous brainstorming together with our fellow subject-matter experts. We are a provider of information, support, coaching, advice, and guidance to business people.

Our Team

You are a smart business person but busy juggling too many things. And biting off more than you can chew is not advisable for your own good. That’s why we entered the market, so we can help business persons like you bring their A-game. With a roll-up-our-sleeves attitude, our adept team of business and finance specialists makes sure you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your company incorporated in Dubai or any of the seven emirates of the UAE. Step up your entrepreneurial game with our expert professionals and stand out in the crowd.

Our Values

One of the secrets behind our success is our core values – Accountability, Transparency, Integrity & Accuracy with Speed – because… we live them. We strongly believe that a business without core values is like a car with no steering wheel. It’s our business’s values that help us steer our business, management, and employees in the right direction and have always aided us to shape our company culture and formulate our business strategy. Our every business decision is aligned with these values. The mainstay of our foundation, our organizational values create a purpose, improve team cohesion, and make a sense of commitment in our workplace. These values have been instilled in our organization for several generations and have resulted in our worldwide popularity. Our emphasis on personalization and problem-solving, alongside our unparalleled prompt services, is what continues to differentiate us from other designers. That’s what you will notice in our services as well, while we help you build your business to the best of its potential and beyond.

Our Services At Your Disposal

We fit like a piece of a puzzle in every situation that entails expert help in every single facet of business overseas including but not limited to Accounting, Law, Taxation, Business Advisory, Consulting, Insurance, Immigration, Company Formation, Healthcare, Human Resources and Education & IT. If you’re seeking ways to enhance efficiency, boost performance, and generate more significant sales and revenue in your business, Adam Consulting is your address – whether you are an established business person looking to expand your business globally or a budding entrepreneur planning to start a company with your name written all over it.

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