External Audit in UAE

What is an External Audit in UAE – differences it can make, types and benefits

External audits are an essential aspect of a company’s financial health check-up, just like how we all need to go to the doctor for regular check-ups to ensure we’re healthy and functioning optimally. But unlike a visit to the doctor, an external audit, maintaining bookkeeping, and balance sheets all at one time can be a

why internal audit is important

Significance of Internal Audit and 5 Major Internal Audit Challenges

The tradition of internal audit has been changed from traditional times to an advanced level. To understand the significance of internal audit, it’s essential to learn why internal audit is important. Well internal audits are important because an internal audit entails assessing your organisation’s internal controls. Moreover, the company’s accounting procedures and corporate governance. Audits

Why Should Businesses Hire an Audit Firm in the UAE

Why Should Businesses Hire an Audit Firm in the UAE?

When you are in business, every dime counts, so if you don’t know where you stand on a monthly basis, pardon my French, you may have to pack up at the end of the year.  Although DIY accounting software like Zoho can help keep track of costs and expenses, the benefits of hiring a good accounting

DDA Audit and Compliance Checklist

Checklist: DDA Audited Financial Statement Submission 2022

In order to ensure that your Dubai Development Authority or DDA audit checklist is complete and accurate, we have put together a checklist of items that must be included. The Dubai Development Authority (DDA) is an organisation responsible for planning and executing initiatives that support the Emirate’s economic growth and diversification.  Some of the key areas that the DDA

internal audit checklist for private companies in uae

Internal Audit Checklist for private companies in UAE

As a private company operating in the UAE, it’s imperative to conduct regular internal audits to ensure that your business is operating efficiently, effectively, and in compliance with the applicable laws and regulations. An internal audit is an independent assessment of your company’s financial and operational processes, which helps to identify areas of improvement and

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