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if you want to safeguard your business from any kind of money fraud, a professional investigation audit is the answer

Investigation Audit Services in UAE

Little do you know your business could be taken for a ride by someone you trusted! Doing business in Dubai is easy but unfortunately, easier is to fall prey to fraud regardless of how efficiently your employees are trained to detect such shady activities in advance, how highly insulated your system is against financial crimes or how stringent the laws are against them in the country you are operating from. In the hi-tech and hyperconnected world, fraud can happen anytime anywhere. And it can harm your business significantly before you know it.  Adam Global is your place to seek support regarding the same. Standing the test of time for the last two decades, we take pride in writing myriad successful business stories to tell. From business inception to business expansion to everything in between, we are equipped with qualified professionals with hands-on experience in the field and the latest tools and techniques to help businesses of any type and size in the UAE. The vast array of our business advisory and support services includes all sorts of statutory and internal auditing services as well as governance, risk, and compliance support services. And fraud investigation is no exception.

Investigation Audit: Introduction

It is quintessential for businesses to periodically audit their books of accounts. When a company suspects any sort of strange activities (such as money laundering, financial crimes, or fraud) happening in the business, a thorough investigation of its accounts, financial statements and business procedures is required. This investigation process is known as the investigative audit. Oriented to a smorgasbord of purposes, these investigation audits are conducted using various techniques and procedures to verify the existence of monetary inconsistencies, alleged disparities in tasks, or unlawful employment of assets or other firm assets. Investigative auditing is performed by a proficient investigative auditor. The procedures involved in investigation auditing are:

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Investigation Audit: Importance

The first and foremost reason to conduct an investigation audit is you don’t want to put your hard-earned reputation at stake. It’s not you who conducted the fraud but it’s very much you who is going to lose the trust of your customers and stakeholders in your business. There are several other reasons as well behind investigating business upsets. An organisation might be required to do so by law, their own company standards or the public or shareholders could also expect it from a company they have invested in. No matter what the motivation is, the prime goal of conducting an investigative audit is to determine why the incident occurred, who did it, how to deal with the consequences and what are ways to withhold such activities in future.

Investigation Audit: Related Procedures

The fraud investigation process should be conducted with utmost care. The assumption acts as the foundation for the inquiry. This assumption should not harm the investigation’s goal. Better if you could hire experts from outside. The process majorly involves four stages and procedures. Here’s the scoop on them:

Adam Global: Your Investigation Auditor in UAE

An investigative audit is what the doctor ordered to with any business upsets. And to ensure the investigation audit is conducted in a detailed and accurate manner, it is highly advisable to engage one of the best professional investigation audit service providers in UAE. A quality investigative audit in UAE helps companies detect wrongdoings along with the people involved in it so they can take appropriate actions to combat the mishaps and bad implications in the long run proactively. These actions could be anything from restoring lost assets to punishing the offenders to reducing the consequent reputational or financial harm. Therefore, if you suspect any fraud, misconduct, or malpractice happening in your company and are looking for providers of outstanding investigation auditing services in the UAE do not hesitate to get in touch with Adam Global. Our experienced investigation auditors bend over backwards to figure out what went wrong, who is/are behind it, what gave rise to the incident/s, what are the flaws in your current system, how could the wrongdoer manage to keep it hidden and what preventive measures must be taken to stop it from happening again.


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